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Decoding a transmedia classic, Enter the Matrix  

Decoding a transmedia classic, Enter the Matrix

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  1. The Animatrix : a series of animated shorts
  2. The Matrix Comics : a univers extended as well as Comics
  3. Vidéogames : how to become The One...
  4. The anthology « The Art of the Matrix »


Acknowledging its massive success, The Matrix is often cited as a reference example of transmedia. We invite you to go deeper into The Matrix’s universe and to take a closer look at its construction.

Even if the narrative arch of all three films directed by Wachowski brothers is linear, the global Matrix story world is enriched with each piece forming its multiplatform mechanism:

  • The film’s trilogy : « The Matrix », « Matrix Reloaded » and « Matrix Revolutions »
  • A series of animated shorts : « Animatrix »
  • Two video games : « Enter the Matrix » and « The Matrix : Path of Neo »
  • A MMORPG game: « The Matrix Online »
  • An anthological graphic novel: « The Art of the Matrix »
  • A series of comics : « The Matrix Comics »


Neo, the main character of the Matrix trilogy, is a young computer scientist contacted by a group of hackers. These characters make him discover that his real world is actually a virtual world created to keep the humans under control. From now on, Neo starts an epic battle against the system’s administrators.

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