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Orange and Lexis Numérique are unveiling “Alt-Minds,” the first total fiction storytelling @en

Orange and Lexis Numérique are unveiling “Alt-Minds,” the first total fiction

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The Orange Transmedia Lab Team is proud to announce its co-production partnership with Lexis Numérique to create Alt-Minds, an exclusive transmedia adventure, part web series, part game, which will start in autumn 2012.

Alt-Minds is an innovative approach to storytelling which plays on the way different media complement one another to draw its audience into the heart of a paranormal thriller which will take them to the far corners of Europe. Spectators will be able to decide whether to take part in an investigation, interact with the story, and even earn their place in history.

For Jean-François Rodriguez, Director of Games and Transmedia at Orange: “We are proud of our partnership with Lexis Numérique, a pioneer in transmedia fiction, on a project which combines gaming, series and social networks. For Orange, this is an opportunity to show that the tools we offer artists can be used to bring the public something new.”

For Eric Viennot, co-founder and Creative director at Lexis Numérique: “We are working with Orange to explore a new type of fiction, and one which I hope will become a part of the history of transmedia, which we started with In Memoriam back in 2003. These online experiences break down the barriers between fiction and reality by offering spectators/players an unprecedented level of immersion in the story.”

The Transmedia Lab team has put the lessons learnt from its previous experiments (Detective AvenueFanfan2) to good use through its partnership with Lexis Numérique. The team is also eager to improve access to this experience (storytelling, interactivity, distribution), and aims to bring these new types of storytelling format into the mainstream. The Transmedia Lab, which is responsible for Alt-Minds production, storytelling and marketing, is managing the technical developments carried out specifically for this project within Orange Labs.

We will provide you with more information on this flagship project for 2012 over the coming weeks and will invite you to follow #AltMinds

Press releases in French and English here

Live Orange Blog interviewed Jean-François Rodriguez and Morgan Bouchet about Alt-Minds.

Crédits visuels © 2012 Orange/Lexis Numérique – All rights reserved. “Alt-Minds” is a registered trademark of Orange and Lexis Numérique.

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