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The 4th Bourse Orange / Formats innovants has begun!

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news The 4th Bourse Orange / Formats innovants has begun!

After having designed the first ever 2-day master class on transmedia for Fabfest 2012 at the Gaité Lyrique centre, Orange and the Association Beaumarchais are pursuing their involvement in transmedia creation by launching the Bourse Orange – Formats innovants, or Orange bursary for new media innovation, for the fourth year running.

This writing course for transmedia authors has already rewarded 27 projects over three years.


New session applicants have until 9 January 2013 to submit their applications. Further information and an application pack can be obtained from the Association Beaumarchais-SACD:
+33 (0) 1 40 23 45 80 –


What we are looking for: original writing, a rich narrative universe developing simultaneously over several platforms and a strong intrigue to bring together and involve an entire community.


The panel of authors, producers, broadcasters… chaired by Julie Gayet will meet in March to vote on the winners.

I’ve always been curious, always felt that all disciplines enrich one another. I’ve always needed to devour literature, all genres of literature from fantasy novels to comics, needed to discover new perspectives through art, all forms of art – photography, video, outsider art, street art, dance, music, architecture, fashion…

And I feel I’m from the generation who grew up with the first computers, mobile phones, and now tablets and smartphones! The advent of the internet in my life was a true revolution – a dream come true for my curiosity – so much so that I still wonder today: how did we ever manage before? All these means of communication and information intertwine and enhance each other… and to me, transmedia in film was an inevitability… a blend of genres and media.”   Julie Gayet, Chairwoman of the selection committee


Orange is one of the traditional industry players to have understood the potential of Transmedia in response to new methods of consumption and new audience expectations. I think of Alt-Minds, but even more of the lasting nature of the bursary set up with the Association Beaumarchais. This 4th year, I look forward to seeing innovative authors rewarded for their screenplays, their appropriation of new technologies and their ability to transport us from one universe or one network to another” – Serge Laroye, ORANGE Director of Content


  • Supporting authors


Ten project authors will each win a €7,000 prize and receive individual support.The most accomplished projects with the backing of a producer will also be able to compete at the end of 2013 for a development grant from by Orange.


Furthermore, as part of a wider sponsorship scheme, Orange is granting additional financial support to the Association Beaumarchais-SACD to develop all its initiatives for cinema, television and animation, by increasing and enhancing screenplay bursaries.

Since sponsorship began, more than 150 Association Beaumarchais screenplay bursars have benefited from Orange’s involvement in support of writing.


  • Previous bursars talk to us about the competition:


“Beaumarchais’s focus on original writing, combined with the innovative aspect of new media created a fascinating challenge for us. We gave it our best shot and everything turned out for the best. This also makes us eligible for sponsorship from Orange, which would enable us to finance a pilot – a crucial step towards achieving our dream: to see Jézabel on screens.”

Rémy Reboullet, 2011 prizewinner



“Orange and the Association Beaumarchais were among the first French sponsors to believe in evolving narrative media: taking the storyworld of a film online and breaking free from the linear plot- and financing totally new formats. Orange has also been providing services on all audience screens. It seemed the ideal partner for the project since its inception.” Caroline Gerdolle, 2010 prizewinner




“SACD and Orange regularly provide us with news, point us towards other opportunities for exposure, like La Nuit des Médias, and follow our progress seriously. The Master Class to take place in April at the Gaité Lyrique Centre is proof. The Transmedia Lab bolsters us strongly, and it’s very encouraging. Having Orange’s support is a considerable asset. The partnership between Orange and SACD is innovative and noteworthy enough to be the top bursary to aim for. What’s more, we feel Orange’s progress has been extraordinary. As for SACD, it’s our home and we trust it.”

Béatrice Cateland & Stéphanie Girerd, 2010 prizewinners



Applicants, we’ll see you in January, and everyone else, until May to congratulate the winners!

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