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 Transmedia or transmedia storytelling is a new form of narration characterised by the combined use of several different media platforms to develop a storyworld (franchise). Due to their specific use and technological potential, each platform used (TV, Internet, mobile, radio, print media, tablets, events, video games, etc.) develops different narrative content offering the public a new, complementary perspective on the storyworld and the story. The various components of this storyworld can be explored and understood independently from one another: there are multiple optional points of entry to the story.




As opposed to cross-media which deploys core content across different complementary platforms, transmedia rolls out an original narrative storyworld on different media.




This new form of narration reaches different audiences and encourages them to dip in and out of each medium: a viewer may for example discover the story on the Internet, stay in contact daily on their mobile, and watch weekly on television. Through the use of interactive media and new information and communication technologies, this enhanced entertainment experience seeks more active participation and deeper engagement from the target audiences. Fans are encouraged to discover the transmedia storyworld together, and the rest of the audience can just explore as and when they like.




The media used are not always linear (on the internet the story unfolds over time, while television broadcasting is occasional).




Transmedia reshapes traditional methods of narration.


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