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Save The Date, Sept 29-Oct 4, Orange Institute 11 in SF/LA, « When Worlds Combine » actualités

Save The Date, Sept 29-Oct 4, Orange Institute 11 in SF/LA, « When Worlds Combine »

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 Dear Current and Prospective Members,

From Silicon Valley garages to Hollywood studio lots, the narratives of content and computer code are combining. Artificial intelligence meets emotional intelligence on the common ground of shared screens, disrupting industries from automotive to advertising in the process. The new creatives code, and the new coders get creative in this remix of stories, platforms, and systems.

We are pleased to announce that Orange Institute 11 is in production, and scheduled for release September 29 through October 4.

This is the first of several sneak previews of our two-city immersion into a changing media, technology, and urban landscape.

Our plot will be driven by data, shaped by human and machine intelligence, and directed towards new relations with:

Experiential_Targeting1Neuroscience Combines with Marketing for everything from making movies to Superbowl ads, at iO#11, scientists and practitioners share techniques for combining Big Data with Little Data.

OTT Combines with Pay TV The transnetflix-vs-hbomigration from streaming to original content production is happening faster than we thought, we will see how Silicon Valley makes movies.

gamesonthebigscreenGames and Comics Combine with Multiple Devices in a multi-device world, game consoles are just another screen — movies, phones, and tablets now available for inter-connected content distribution.

conversational-machinesLanguage Combines with Algos and Things Silicon Valley will show us how machine learning is coming to the world of connected things, and how natural language will enable conversations with products.

think-tankStartups Combine with R&D We will comprehend how Startup Founder-led think tanks are focusing on hard, long-term problems worth solving, obsoleting the incubator and VC model.

computable-cityCity Combines with Computation Social Computing and Open Data are new tools for regenerating urban infrastructure and government-public relationships. How can they be applied to 17 million Los Angelenos?

Supporting Cast:

We will be working with leading experts in both the establishment and start-up domains of Los Angeles, including:

usc havas digitalla

…The casting call is open! This is your opportunity to save a place in a cast of visionary technologists, innovation executives, and marketing/advertising thought-leaders who will collectively make this session, September 29 – October 4, the biggest hit ever! When Worlds Combine will frame your planning and strategy for 2014, so save the date!

Please contact Romeo Machado with questions or referrals. Participants are requested to be present in San Francisco by September 29; schedule permits late afternoon/evening travel back to Europe from LA on Friday, October 4.

 Twitter @orangeinstitute

For information, please contact
Romeo Machado:, +33 1 44 44 04 17.

Orange Institute’s unique collaborative learning session format means only a limited number of membership opportunities exist for new and qualified candidates to join the community for the 2013-2014 season. Organizations may share the corporate membership amongst multiple participants over the course of three sessions, typically 15 months (five quarters).

All content shown in this email is on a provisional basis and subject to changes as the program evolves.

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